That I will always follow and encourage others to do the same.



Be Respectful
Be respectful of the healthcare providers and try to support them by asking relevant questions and following their advice.


We must ask our healthcare providers to explain every medication that is prescribed to us. This is important for us. If something happens to us in the future and we are in the care of some other healthcare provider, we should know our health history well.


Be Sure

We must not sign any document until we are absolutely sure about its contents. We must know the risks, benefits and alternatives of procedures before signing the consent.


Sanitation is Supreme

In our country of 150 crore, access to world class healthcare for all is still a dream. One doctor treats at least 50 patients a week and we cannot expect them to constantly be at their best. Proper sanitation is an important aspect of healthcare delivery. But if we do ask them to clean their hands before touching us, it can not only save us from secondary infections but also help improve their reflexes in this regard.


Do Not Lie/Hide

Do not lie to your healthcare providers. Always keep them informed about real health status and follow their advice. However, if you fail to take your medicines or not follow something mentioned in your plan of care, you must inform the healthcare providers as soon as possible so that they can find a way to bail out.


Ask Questions

If there is a confusion, any at all, we should seek a focused meeting to get an update on the clinical outcome. 

If you notice or hear something that you think may not be right, discuss with your provider. Ask about your procedure and understand the risks if any, when scenting for surgery.


The Campaign

From my experience in various cities, across a number of hospitals in the country, I realized that healthcare literacy levels among the patients and their families are quite low. My experiences and passion to create more awareness about this subject and the need to make healthcare a combined and holistic affair drove me to start this initiative. The idea is not to identify mistakes in the prevalent healthcare systems but to see how we can contribute as individuals by improving healthcare awareness. It is all about ‘us’.


What It Is About ?

I strongly believe that all stakeholders must work hand-in-hand to ensure effective healthcare delivery. This campaign is an effort to spread awareness about healthcare delivery systems among all and to help people understand the role that an individual can play in enforcing a safer healthcare space.


What It Is Not About ?

We keep hearing about the various mistakes that happen in hospitals.

Mistakes happen because hospitals are complex and healthcare providers are humans, and humans can err… Many a time, in reliable hospitals or healthcare organizations, the events which may lead to ‘mistakes’ are identified in time and mishaps are avoided. It’s not that any healthcare provider or any organization would want to harm a patient. Mishaps may occur unknowingly owing to the complexity in the processes. Besides, the environment in hospitals is generally stressful and sometimes that may also lead to chaos and confusion because of which some unpleasant events may occur.


Our objective is not to find faults with the prevailing system(s). Our aim is to find out what we can do as individuals to take care of ourselves and how we can help the healthcare providers serve us better.
The idea is to create a community of healthcare providers and seekers, so as to promote healthcare literacy levels in the country.


Conditions Apply – by Gaurav Loria

Usually, anything associated with hospitals is heavy and stressful. I wanted to make an exception in this regard. This led me to weave a story around the nuances of healthcare delivery and debunk complex scenarios in a hospital for a common man.

I wanted to give people something that they would cherish and experience first-hand, through the characters, how an individual can become a part of this complex system and make healthcare delivery a smooth process for themselves and their loved ones.

Grab a copy of the book, learn from it and enjoy better healthcare by making small amends!

Happy Reading!….


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A healthcare quality expert, Gaurav Loria, is the Chief Quality Officer. His many successful initiatives over the past sixteen years in the healthcare safety arena, have made him a popular name in the sector.

He has surveyed with Joint Commission International (JCI)—the benchmark for hospital accreditation system. As part of his association with JCI, he surveyed and studied many hospital systems within and outside of India.

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